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Cake Collaborator magazine print purchase details 

All print requests need to be made via the Cake Collaborator Magazine website 

Kindly fill out the form and submit it to us via the website.

Our print issues are handled and shipped directly by an independent company outside the U.S. Only our digital issues are processed in the U.S. 

  Please fill out the form  below to request a print. The printing company has been given all rights to print this magazine. All rights reserved by the Cake Collaborator Magazine USA. Our print distributor works with the printer to ensure you receive your prints on time and all payments are processed directly with the printing company outside the United States of America.

Since the magazine is outsourced internationally we will be offering a 90 day full refund if mail is lost. Tracking and shipping details are sent out to customers once shipping is complete.

For  customer concerns please reach out to the Editor in Chief for the Cake Collaborator Magazine Sharon Siriwardena via the magazine website platform.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

Please visit the plans and pricing section of the website to subscribe to our Quarterly Editions.

Copyright @CakeCollaborator Magazine USA.

You cannot reprint, resell or  distribute this magazine without the permission of the Cake Collaborator Magazine Editor In Chief Sharon Siriwardena. All rights reserved by the Publisher and Creative Director of the Cake Collaborator Magazine USA, Sharon Siriwardena

Thanks for submitting!

Absolutely buzzing…my copy of “CAKE COLLABORATOR MAGAZINE” has arrived, woohoo. thank you sooo much Sharon Siriwardena.What can I say…. I’m in total awww of this magazine, the quality, tutorials, collaborations etc, amazing, I was particularly delighted to see our Art Deco Meets Architecture-A Cake Collective Collaboration featured, such an amazing collaboration and totally deserves to be seen by all. l brought it down to show my mam today and she couldn’t get over all the beautiful works, by all the talented artists, (her words) . Seriously guys such a beautiful magazine- Linda Hackett

Linda Hackett

Help Center

Everything you need to know

This is an online digital magazine that accepts all payment methods including Pay Pal. All transactions are final for our instant downloadable digital issue once payment is complete.  No refunds for instant digital downloads for this magazine. We are now accepting Google Pay. Kindly direct your payments to the Editor in Chief of the Cake Collaborator Magazine USA for all google pay transactions. Once payment is received you will get an instant downloadable link to the email address provided during the transaction. Kindly make sure you add the email address you would love us to direct the magazine when completing payments. All payments are nonrefundable. for this digital magazine. All instant digital download links are a one time link sent to you directly from our website to download and save on time. We will not be providing you with unlimited links, in case you forget to do this in due time. An exemption will only be made if you can send us proof that the website was down and the link didn't work,  then we will definitely resend you a link.    For All hardcopy issues since the magazine is outsourced internationally for print, kindly follow all print requirements mentioned in the form above. The print and digital issues are completely different from each other.

What payment methods do you accept?

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Do you offer same-day delivery?

This is an online cake decorating magazine so payments made via this site is for our Quarterly  digital transactions. Once Payment is made it is final. There will not be any refunds or returns as it is an instant downloadable material. For all hard copy delivery and transactions the editorial team will reach out to you personally to process your requests as the print version has been outsourced overseas and the process and policies are completely different from the digital instant download of this magazine.

Copyright @CakeCollaborator Magazine USA.

You cannot reprint, resell or  distribute this magazine without the permission of the Cake Collaborator Magazine Editor In Chief Sharon Siriwardena. 

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