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CCM USA -Awards 2024

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Nomination Categories- 4 Cake Awards.

Judging for these categories will include but not limited to some of these areas.

Best Cake Community Award-

Cake community engagement, How various skills are treated, Amount of Support and Leadership

Best Cake Collaboration Award - Content, Creativity, Implementation of theme, Variations.

Best Magazine Cover-Artistic skill, Professionalism, Creativity, Execution. Best Magazine Tutorial- Creativity, Originality, Color balance, Relevance to the theme.

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Nomination Rules

CCM Awards USA - Open World Wide

Nomination valid timeframe from June 1st 2023-June 1st 2024 

1. You can only nominate once using this form. 

2. The CCM Awards USA, is open worldwide. 

3. There is no fee whatsoever to register and take part. 

4. Best Cake Community & Cake Collaboration Award-When nominating a group or a cake collaboration, kindly make sure the group is linked to your answer.

Cake Collaboration nomination time frame Jan 2023- June 2024

 5. Best Magazine Cover- Name the best magazine cover clearly along with the name of the artist.

 6. Best Tutorial Award-Make sure to indicate clearly the name of the tutorial and corresponding artist.

 7. Give us as much information as you can as to why you think this nominee deserves the CCM USA, Awards.

 8. CCM USA Awards for 2024 will be a virtual event. 

 9.Magazine’s Head Judge Adriano Zumbo will decide on  a winner.

10. Nominations will run up until August 20th 2024.

11. Finalists will be announced on the 15th of September 2024

12. Winners will be announced on the 20th of October 2024


Click this link to nominate

Headline Sponsor and The Judges for CCM USA 2024


Adriano Zumbo's Judging Panel for CCM USA 2024

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Category Sponsors

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Nomination Badges

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